Google Allo Stickers Project — Brazil Themes — Zeca Pagodinho

Life has been busy for everybody. School, work, traffic, chores, bills... Whatever. Is there a break for that non-stop FOMO feeling? Maybe not, but having a friend who naturally forces us to enjoy the day and to slow down our paces may be the best antidote. This friend usually adds an outsider perspective and break some solid-but-not-truthful statements we have. They are fun, chilled, 'content' with what they have. And that's their super power: since they are not looking forward to the next big thing, they simply know how to have fun and enjoy the present moment, gathering and inspiring everyone around.

Zeca Pagodinho is a classic. He is the king of Pagode, a branch of Samba, and has been writing and singing songs since 78. Everyone, from all generations, respect and have him as someone that easily could be that uncle we meet in family gatherings, like barbecues. Zeca is the icon for that stereotypical Carioca we all have heard about: zen, always carrying a glass of cold beer and always is in the middle of a roda de samba (samba jam). Though this lifestyle can seem pretty "out of reality", Zeca shows that it is possible to have this lifestyle and to keep genuine relationships, work responsibilities and a united family.

Now it's possible to show your emotions and reactions using the stickers based on Zeca's unique personality, songs and lifestyle.

Special thanks to Bittar for inviting us to be part of a pretty fun project like this one.
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